About The Students

Mark is in his second year at Capilano University. He is doing the photography for the SVAP. Aside from archaeology, he enjoys hiking and board games.

Meghan is an anthropology student at McGill University who originally became interested in archaeology in her first year, which she spent at Capilano University. She is excited by the opportunity to work on a unique historic archaeological site. Her other interests include travel, sketching, and flint knapping. Meghan will be doing sketches of the site from what it might have looked like in the year 1920.

Willow is taking the Arts & Sciences General Studies at Capilano University. She is interested in anthropology and indigenous/local plants of the lower mainland area. Willow says that the archaeology field school seemed like a great opportunity for her to get a real hands-on experience of local history using the archaeological methods. She will be analyzing the site and looking for evidence and information regarding possible gardens dating back to the early 1900's.

Kitty is studying Japanese and Liberal Arts at Capilano University. She is excited to be analyzing and organizing Japanese & Personal artifacts found on the SVAP sites.

Spencer is a first year Capilano student who loves to be outside. He is already quite familiar with the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve as he enjoys outdoor activities such as biking and hiking in that area. He is interested in geology, geography and archaeology as those disciplines reflect in his love for the outdoors. Spencer will be doing extensive surveys of the mountainside area just east of the site.

Ryan is currently studying to become an archaeologist with the naive hope of someday specializing in exo-archaeology. He wants everybody to know that friendship is magic! Ryan will be using his magical friendship powers to guide him through the South wooded area beyond the site, looking for evidence of past cultural remains.

Andrew is enrolled at Capilano University in the general studies program reflecting his interest in a number of topics. He learned of the field school while taking Biological Anthropology with Bob Muckle and thought it would be an excellent way to experience a new topic, while learning about Japanese history in British Columbia. Unsure of what career he would like to pursue, Andrew expects to end up in the arts in one way or another. For his project, he will be surveying the North wooded areas of beyond the site to see if he can pinpoint any evidence of past cultural behaviour.

Rebecca is currently a kayak instructor and has studied anthropology at the University of Otago in New Zealand. She is a new immigrant to Canada and is very much enjoying working with professor Muckle in the field school. Rebeccca will be in charge of mapping the site we are working on.

Jasmin is just finishing her first year at Capilano University and this fall, she will be transferring to Simon Fraser University's archaeology program. She is especially interested in bioarchaeology and historic archaeology, especially events surrounding colonization and population expansions into the west. She hopes to study the effects of epidemic disease on settler and indigenous communities. She manages to balance her scholarly work with her family of two children, a husband and pets. Jasmin will be looking at garden analysis along with Willow on site.

Alexis has a background as a professional scuba diving instructor (attained at the Capilano University Sechelt campus in 2010) and did her practicum in Playa del Carmen (lucky girl!). She is currently attending SFU for archaeology while doing the SVAP with Capilano. She loves to travel and has been to Austria, Italy, France, Japan, China, Egypt, Australia, and Mexico. Alexis will be taking a closer look at cultural items from our level bags (material collected from a certain measurement of sediment within an excavation unit) and recording all of them, a huge and important task!

Evan is just finishing a two-year Arts and Sciences diploma at Capilano University and in the fall she will be majoring Psychology at UBC. She has taken an interest in Archaeology during her time at post secondary school and is very excited about the 2012 Field School. Evan enjoys Irish dancing and playing with her dog in her free time. On this project, she will be compling the artifact catalog.

Nathan is participating in the Field School because he thinks that education should be fun and this course offers a great opportunity to fulfill that idea. He really enjoys interacting with people and through the Field School he hopes to make some new friends. His current hobby is natural bodybuilding, a sport that requires a lot of attention to detail which is a skill he loves to focus on. Nathan will be creating an overview on the features of the site.

Dini is enrolled in the Global Stewardship Program at Capilano University and will be starting her second year in the fall. She is so happy to be part of this year's Archaeology Field School and finds each day to be a new adventure! In her spare time Dini loves working on and performing rap and slam poetry, it's her secret dream to become a rap artist (well it isn't a secret any more, shhhh). She will be working on the public education aspect of the field school.

Lindsay has a background in the professional performing arts. She has recently returned to university, being a big fan of employment. She would like a career in medicine, but has now hit an academic cross roads, thanks to Bob Muckle and the wonders of archaeology! Lindsay loves science, nature, yoga, dancing, and writing about herself in the third person. She will be working on a project which maps artifacts according to type on the McKenzie Creek site.

My name is Sarah McKenny and I am the official blogger for the 2012 Capilano University Archaeology Field School. I have taken 2 courses last year from Bob Muckle (Intro Archaeology and Intro Biological Anthropology) which lead me to working in the Field School. I have always had an interest in history and human evolution, so archaeology was a natural draw for me. I love art...drawing, painting, and tattoo art in my spare time. I have a passion for outdoor fun like surfing and rock climbing, as well as a keen interest in science so I'm very excited to be taking the Archaeology Field School this summer!

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