Thursday, 21 June 2012

June 19th: Pack It In

Today the crew was either at home working on their reports, or in the lab helping to put away all the artifacts and clean the space. We are fortunate to have storage space for the supplies (although perhaps not quite enough) between the "showers" room in the "P" building on the Capilano Univesity campus and the anthropology lab in the Cedar building.

A room that was once used for a women's shower facility is now the Archaeology storage space.

Nathan approves of Alexis' inventory list.

We also had a great turn out despite the rain at the 2012 BC Family Fishing Day and Watershed Tours Kick-off event in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve on Sunday, June 17th. Dini had a chance to interact with around 300 people at our booth. We were clearly one of the most popular exhibits, outdrawing many of the 20+ booths and attractions. The only things that outdrew us were the salmon bbq and the Tim Horton’s Community Cruiser giving away free coffee and donut holes. In the spirit of father's day, Bob and his daughter, Anna came to see the booth. Ryan came by to help out for a couple of hours, and Alexis was there with some friends as well.

Tomorrow we will be cleaning the lab and Dini will finish setting up the artifact display outside the anthropology room. Thursday is the last day of class as we will be handing in our final exams and report papers. This course has gone by so quickly, I think we're all starting to feel a little sad that it's coming to a close.

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