Friday, 8 June 2012

June 7th: Heavy Rain in the Seymour Valley

Only seven of us in the field today (Spencer M, Rebecca, Lindsay, Mark, Nathan, Ryan and myself) continuing excavations despite the heavy rain. The rest of the crew was either in the lab or working from home. At the McKenzie Creek site, Mark and I worked on a unit in the "industrial/cabin" area and uncovered lots of nails, a few large spikes, more melted glass, and a tin can. Some of the items (the can and a large percentage of the nails) we found on edge the east wall. I don't know that we will have time to excavate the unit to the east next to this one as our Field Time is running out (we hope to break camp by the end of next week). I think we may have enough artifacts to assume that this area is more than likely a workshop or some sort of industrial zone rather than residential.

Some more photos of artifacts from previous Field School digs...

Piece of ceramic plate with a beautiful hand painted goldfish detail.

There have been a wide variety of bottles found in the past (as well as this year) during the SVAP excavations. The bottles once contained a variety of contents including beer, sake, whiskey, sauce, medicine and perfume. As you can see in this photo, not all of the bottles are perfectly shaped which means they are hand blown and usually older than the manufactured bottles with seams.

The medicine bottles we have found range in size, colour, and style and originate mostly from North America and Asia.

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