About the Project Director

Bob Muckle is the Project Director and supervisor of the 2012 Capilano Archaeology Field School. Bob has been practicing, teaching, and writing about archaeology for close to 30 years. He would rather find a broken beer bottle from the 1900's at the McKenzie Creek site than an Egyptian mummy, crystal skull, or Atlantis. He has directed the Capilano archaeology field school in the Seymour Valley since it's inception in 2000. He teaches a variety of other archaeology and anthropology courses at Capilano University; has written a few books (Introducing Archaeology, The First Nations of British Columbia, and Indigenous Peoples of North America); and is a regular columnist for Anthropology News, Teaching Anthropology: SACC Notes, and Popular Anthropology. He can also be followed on twitter: twitter.com/bobmuckle

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