Monday, 11 June 2012

June 11th: Drawing to a Close

Today we had two visitors from Capilano University to the site, Vice President Dr. Jacalyn Snodgrass and the Dean of Arts and Sciences Dr. Robert Campbell. Bob gave them a full tour of the McKenzie Creek excavations as well as a look at our lab space on campus.

In the field today Dini, Lindsay, Ryan, Andrew, Jasmin, Alexis, Spencer M, and Willow worked on completing the excavations. We will be breaking camp this Wednesday so we are eager to finish any digging that needs to be done. Dini found a file (we think it was used to sharpen saw blades) in the "industrial" area while Willow and Spencer continued to find bone fragments and nails in the rectangular "garden" zone. In the rock feature unit, Jasmin and Alexis found more nails and pieces of wood that were either decomposed or charred. Ryan carried on with his survey project of the south wooded area behind the site.

Evan, Nathan, Mark, Meghan and I were in the lab working on individual tasks. Mark took photos of several dozen artifacts found this year for his photography assignment as Evan continued her work on completing the artifact catalog. Nathan is responsible for creating an overview of the features on the site, so today he put in some time on his report. Meghan and myself started some line drawings of a few artifacts selected by Bob that were found this year on the McKenzie Creek site. The drawings had to be to scale and as perfect as possible so that they can be published. It's often helpful to have line drawings of artifacts made of ceramic or glass as the diagnostics aren't always visible in photos.

I drew the D.D.D. bottle found in the "cabin" area of this year's excavations at McKenzie Creek. 

Meghan drew the "National Remedy Company New York" bottle. I think she did a wonderful job.

This rice bowl was also drawn by Meghan. The artifact was found in the "kitchen refuse" area of the site. The hand-painted artwork on this piece is unique as none like this have been found during digs in previous Field School years. The drawings Meghan did for this artifact are from two angles to show the artwork and the maker's mark on the bowl:

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