Wednesday, 23 May 2012

May 23rd: Forest People

It's mid-way through week three and we're getting the hang of this archaeology stuff just in time for the rain to start. We have been appreciating every gleam of sunshine knowing that today was inevitable...the dampness didn't stop us, though. We got right to work on filling in closed excavation units (that means they have been dug as far as we need to go and we have to replace the dirt we dug out). We had the pleasure of hosting 3 visitors today on site: Joel Sykes (Jasmin's husband) as well as Kaylen Riedlinger (a 2009 Capilano University Field School Alumni) and Bev Rapley (a 2008 Capilano University Field School Alumni). They didn't hesitate to get right down into the dirt with us today as you can see in the photos below...

Here is Dini working on the same excavation unit that she started on the first day of digging. Along with Andrew, they have found bottles, cans and ceramic fragments amongst the roots of this tree. 

 Jasmin, Meghan and myself had the task of filling our closed units with dirt. I think this photo proves that Jasmin can pretty much handle any challenge.

See all that red stuff? It's the rotten/dead log that we had to chop to pieces to uncover a midden of tin cans earlier this week. Mark and Meghan are shovelling like champs, here. No better workout, if you ask me. 

Kaylen and Bev (and Joel in background) taking a second to pose for Mark's photo request. Ok so, Joel isn't posing but they all look like they fit right in with our crew. Our two alumni members (Kaylen and Bev) spent the morning touring the site with Bob and then excavating in the "cabin" area. I think they found some nails and bits of glass. Thanks for the help, guys!

Joel again, looking super professional with his outdoorsy jacket and whisk brush in hand. He has the archaeologist squat position down to a T....thumbs up Joel, we think you should switch your major and join us in the field.

Willow and Meghan uncovered this bottle in the "cabin" area. We aren't quite sure what it was originally for as Bob has never seen a bottle quite like this one. It says "D D D" on the side...I think a little research might be in order. 

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