Saturday, 19 May 2012

May 18th: Lab Wrap-Up

Every Friday we meet at Capilano University campus to go over the week's results, discuss project progress and plan the week upcoming. Overall, Bob is pretty pleased with the excavations so far, we're finding a lot of really useful artifacts, giving us a better idea of what the site's layout might have looked like a hundred years ago. We learned about the scholarly do's and do not's of bachelors and masters sum it up, getting a PHD takes sacrifice, dedication and at least a sliver of smarts. Jasmin and Willow are having a look at a PHD dissertation from SFU, courtesty of Bob, that might aid them in their research at possible garden sites at McKenzie Creek. We also discussed the some opportunities members of the crew to do line drawings of the found artifacts as there is some information that is better translated in a drawing than a photo (like lettering or symbols). Next week the weather forecast is rain, rain, and more rain. So the digging continues, but substitute dirt for mud. Bring on the muck, I can't wait to be back on the site Tuesday...not quite sure that I've ever wished for a shorter long weekend.

On Wednesday, Dini was organizing some artifacts to use for public education and she came across this piece of wind-up alarm clock. 

This the the view out of the window of our lab space. Capilano University is on such a beautiful piece of property...out of almost every window you see nothing but nature.

Another one of the selections Dini made for her public education inventory. Looks to be a kettle and in pretty decent shape. I will be sure to post the dates of any events that Dini will be setting up artifacts for the community to see and learn about.

...signing off until Tuesday! Time to go shopping for rain pants.

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